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Dageneral – Latest output is presented in a best of album format.

The album is a 17 track masterpiece comprising of a purposeful track list that not only includes – Dageneral original tracks but also – Dageneral – remixed work of others.

Its to be noted that in order to create such a concept from what might still be considered an early progressing career, that its an album that really highlights a dedication and unique work ethic towards the electronic music scene.

DaGeneral – as a production force and DJ has become more familiar over the years, whilst his music has resonated through a core of record labels that include Se-Lek Musik but also, General Surgery, Frankyeffe’s Riot Recordings, Hydrogen, Static, Layer909, Steve Mulder’s Orange and others.

He’s an artist that regularly dominates the digital charts and has gained an array of industry DJ support.
His music production comprises of an array of influences that really crosses the genre borders in style and something that is very evident on this album.

Words by Blue Amazon
Artwork by Joshua of LABEL

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