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Amsterdam Dance Event is Europe’s leading electronic platform and club festival.

The event is held over one week and consists various industry music conferences and hosts the best clubbing events you will find in Europe. The events consist of top leading DJs, acts and music industry leading labels / press all leading proceedings in October.

Coinciding with this year’s ADE we decided to take part by releasing our own ADE showcase album of our current artist works. Throughout the album you will hear a balanced blend of progressive, tech house and techno influenced tracks. There are unique intakes covering the smoother to the more minimal dirty works outs. The full album features 10 tracks and we have selected 5 exclusives here for you on this promo.

French based “Med In Mars” starts off proceedings with the title “Do Not Looking Back”. Here we have a unique blend of techno / Tech House fused and morphed into “Med In Mars” own style.
There’s a real depth and energy to this track and it percussively drives along.

Next is “Dageneral & Bagreera” very techno slamming ” Laughing Stock”. Both “Dageneral & Bageera” are becoming quite prominent figures in the techno work and this is a great continuation of their exhibits.
The track is full of what you would expect from this duo, full low-end drive, filtered percussion and a vocal sample following the title of the track.

Following proceedings is a new track from “Kiz Pattison” titled skins. “Kiz Pattison” is becoming well know for is quite dark minimal works and this doesn’t disappoint. It contains quite house style rhythms but overlaid with acidic synth lines and wide FX use.

“Hernan Serrao” is next on the patter with his first recording for “Se-Lek-Music. Many of you will already be familiar with this Argentinian based artist for his consistent quality progressive / tech house works.
The title “Under The Rain” is more of progressive mover but one with real drive and energy. It’s quite hypnotic drawing in the more you listen and features an infectious melody break.

The final track on the promo is by the very excellent “Louie Le Fink”. “Louie Le Fink” also South American based continually provides us with quality tech house cuts and this is no different.
“Detrago” has quite an 80’s Chicago acid house feel to it , its fueled with shuffle type hat patterns, vocal snippets and great pad rises.

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