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‘Rave to the grave, and back again.. ‘
DaGeneral is a DJ and a producer who is never afraid to go deep when it comes to his mastery of rocking dance floors and ensuring some feel good atmosphere.

He has extensively spread his art all over the UK since the late 90s. His versatility and style are evident across a broad range of music genres, however over the years he has settled into being a predominantly tech house and techno producer and has perfectly blended it and infused it into his own unique style.

His experience and commitment are his greatest attributes in international DJ/Producer. He also has a director’s stake at Iconic Underground Magazine, Se-Lek Musik Group, and General Surgery Records.

This gives DaGeneral various media outlets as well as distribution with the management of two record labels and a compilation album label to boot.
Rave Rejects is a four track EP from DaGeneral, put on your shell tracksuit and your adidas canvas runner boots, grab your whistle, you’re on a pumping trip down memory lane with this one…

Jimmy Brown’s Deed

Is a pumping energetic piece of work based on L.A. Style’s ‘James Brown is dead’ from the 1991 (rave days hall of fame). That classic synth loop mixed in and out of the hopping kick drum and of course the original’s vocal samples go to make this a nice rework of what was and is a rave classic.

One Spliff

Off the bat this puts you headfirst into a thumping kick and picks up nicely into what is a solid remix of Zomby’s Spliff Dub. The energetic pace in this track never lets up and keeps the intention and the tone backed by nice modern techno effects with the classic, sped up vocal ‘One Spliff a Day..’ all banging six minutes of it, your kept on your feet.

Rave Rejects

The EP’s namesake starts out like the previous spliff track, boom boom kick spiralling up into a mad spiralling down ‘my face is sliding off its bones’ Shepard tone effect, this then cuts into a nice funky groove sliding back and forth into the aforementioned face off bones effect to a ‘One, One Two’ vocal. I know some of the samples from this, DaGeneral uses multiple samples throughout, I just can’t put my finger on them right now. Answers on a postcard please. Another belter with the right crowd in the right environment.

Rave’ n Mad

The final track is, in my view, the hardest of them all, away we go with that banging kick drum melting into a classic hard house style slamming synth. DaGeneral uses the same fade in/out technique to a background ‘Are you ready for the rave’ vocal sample. Subtle softer samples perpetuate behind this and come to the fore for the effective breakdown, which is welcome before the headlong nosedive back into the synth and early sounding rave stabs, there’s nicely done effects sliding along with this that you have to keep your ear out for, but very effective and overall after a few listens, it grows on you.

This EP is a nice trip down memory lane for anyone who was lucky enough to experience the late 80’s and 90’s rave scene, you will surely prick your ear up to the many samples of that bygone era used throughout each track. If you don’t remember the originals, you’ll have fun trying to and if you’re a millennial this is a little piece of remixed history for your record collection. DaGeneral has done a nice job of curating classic rave sounds in this EP, hats off on a job well done, and you’ll do no harm to have this tucked away for when the night/crowd demands that throwback with a modern twist.


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