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RELEASE DATE 2017-07-10
If we said Iconic Underground Magazine, Se-Lek Musik Group, and General Surgery Records it is easy to realise that we are talking about DaGeneral. DaGeneral is a DJ that has enjoyed rocking dance floors all over the UK since the late 90s. Joining forces once again from Detroit and based in Rome is Cosimo, better known as ‘KoZY’. BtechNoir Presents “On Top”

KoZY and DaGeneral – On Top (Original mix)

It´s difficult to find but every so often one of those tracks that is excellent to play in progressive sets as it is in techno sets can be found. Ladies and Gentlemen, with you “On Top” By KoZY and DaGeneral. These two producers make easy what in fact is very difficult, we speak of the constant repetition of the looped vocal, which does not become uninspiring but the complete opposite, you never want to stop listening to it and along with a strong bass line make this the typical track that you stays in your head weeks and weeks after you’ve heard it. It has the perfect ingredients to become a success. It is Progressive, it is Techno, it has vocals and strong basses, it is simple and the most important EFFECTIVE.

Kozy and DaGeneral – On Top (Jawjee Remix)

After 3 recent releases which have all reached the top 20 in their specific genres on beatport Jawjee is back on BtechNoir. Jawjee’s choice for his remix puts effects on the male vocal, keyboard notes with delay and reverb, the same bass line as the original but softer and finally atmospheric sounds coming and going throughout the track. The result of all this is a version more climatic and progressive than the original, with great quality and that rescues the purest of Progressive house. An excellent piece of work from Probtech’s very own Jawjee.

Kozy and DaGeneral – On Top (Zed White Remix)

The second remix and yet another Probtech Management artist is the responsibility of Zed White. This year Zed brings so much great music such as “Precious” on Paul Oackenfold’s label and that was also included in a recent compilation By Ferry Corsten, also”Phoenix – Rise Up 20 (Zed White Remix)” to name just a few, so it’s always nice to listen new music from this producer. This time he chooses to change the bass line and make it groovier creating a remix more Deep dark and Progressive. An addition of a very nice keyboard melody, then a second one constantly looped and filtered, in particular used to leave each break of the track.
Deep progressive house of the highest quality could not be less of the hand of Zed White.

Kozy and DaGeneral – On Top (Kiz pattison dont stop the groove remix)

To complete this Ep we have Kiz Pattison’s Remix, an excellent DJ / producer from Birmingham, very well known
for his previous works on labels such as Bonzai records, Mirabilis, Compatible Music and Groovenignight Records.
Kiz has us accustomed to produce a very dark and acid techno but this time he chooses to add more Groove plus some of his typical acid
sound and the result is fantastic and very effective work. Like the vocal of the remix says – Come one Kiz “DONT STOP !!!” –

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