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DaGeneral is back with us with another power driven EP.Following our previous release’s including Laughing Stock’, Balance Don’t stop The Rhythm and Carnival Days with fellow artist Bageera, Dageneral has certainly been setting a pace with an insistent amount of releases and remixes.He’s a name that regularly appears in credible chart positions and gains key industry support in the right places. Recent activity also includes remixes for Alex Nemec Nik Feral with Blue Amazon on General Surgery and his vastly supported Ep title the Stag on Nylo. He’s also recently finished recording his debut album with Bageera which is a very promising prospect whilst keeping the artistic picture building this year. The Dageneral production sound many will know is often a cross merge of influences that covers our beloved styles but essentially maintains a fundamental techno back bone which is evident on this ep.The three different mixes on this EP starts with Bageera’s interpretation of the title ID. This is a mix, which doesn’t hold back on its techno infused quality. It’s quite dark with crisp percussion and has that real building style arrangement, which really keeps you locked in throughout.Next is the original of the title ID.This has a similar theme to Bageera’s mix with its darker sound but is slightly more mood driven with an almost progressive sculpture. There’s nicely used vocal snippets embedded into the mix as well as cool percussive loops.The final mix on the EP we welcome Manchester based DJProducer Carl Antony. Carl is a name that is also setting his presence on the scene with impressive productions works. He’s already released on labels such as Konneqt, Spliced Vinyl Recordings, General Surgery and we have a perfect example of his talent here.This is a fully mood driven work out at a high standard, it features great percussive work, really worked pad rises whilst also including a techno back bone that’s becoming more familiar on Se-Lek-music.

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