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Our next release is an all out techno influenced affair from the Scottish duo of “DaGeneral & Bageera”.

“Dageneral & Bageera” are no strangers to the clubbing circuit with a consistent output of quality and flair. They are two names that regularly appear in the digital release fraternity with both credible charting positions and support from industry figures.

As producers individually they have the ability to cross merge an array of influences that covers our beloved styles of club music and supported by energetic DJ sets.

There’s impressive accolades for the pair that includes “Beatport” charting positions No 2, releases and remixes on labels such as “Bush”, “Resopal Schallware (Berlin)”, Bullet Dodge” & “General Surgery”.
Top 100 DJ pols in “Scotland” and some rave press reviews.

Getting into the tracks the release starts with the title track “Balance” which kicks straight into a punchy techno rhythm followed shortly by a dark under tone-padded element.
It’s a real groove driven affair with percussive hits that keep the momentum rolling with interest whilst vocal snippets and the darkness of the pads absorbs you the more you listen.

The 2nd track “Don’t The Rhythm” starts proceedings in a more reverberate percussive fashion whilst building to a chunkier groove. It contains lots of minimal fx elements that acts as undertones to the groove, providing width and space. It’s defiantly a sound that designed to be played very loud and create impact on a big system.

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